what is invisalign


Crowns, also known as 'Caps', are a porcelain shell that is placed over and around the entire tooth.  Crowns prevent tooth fracture because they act as a ring around the tooth that binds the tooth together.

Where crowns deal with a single missing tooth, a Bridge on the other hand is designed to span missing teeth.  Both are generally applied in connection with dental implants and affixed to posts which are implanted in the patients jaw.

Crowns and Bridges are not removable in the same way a denture is.

Both Crowns and Bridges are crafted at a dental laboratory and are colour matched to your surrounding teeth ensuring that they blend in as naturally as possible.  Unless a person knows you have a crown or bridge, they are completely undetectable.


Like the name suggests a dental veneer is a thin sheet of material that is affixed over the existing tooth surface.  Veneers can be chosen for both aesthetic (cosmetic) reasons, such as to correct discoloration instead of tooth whitening, or to cover an imperfection such as small chip or other defect.


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