Choose The right Dental Team For you?

Questions to ask when choosing your Dentist.

1) Who will do the majority of the treatment? Will it be the dentist, a hygienist, or an assistant?

This depends on the treatment you are coming in to see us for that day.  You may see a registered dental hygienist, or you may be scheduled to see Dr. Karen Scherer.  All dental procedures are performed by Dr. Scherer, and she will often consult with you even after a regular hygiene appointment which is typically done by a hygienist.

Dr. Scherer will be the one to explain any treatment plans, or medical procedures and she will personally answer your questions.

2) How much time will the doctor spend with me at each visit?

As much time as necessary to do the work and answer your questions.  This might seem like an obvious answer but you'd be surprised at how quickly other practices delegate tasks to auxiliary personnel.  At this practice we are highly focused on personalized AND personable care.

3) What is a typical wait time in your waiting room?

We respect and value your time.  Our policy is to run on time and not keep patients waiting.  We kindly ask that you also  respect our time and be sure to notify us well in advance if any unforeseen event prohibits you from making an appointment.

4) How easy is it to get an appointment?

We operate a convenient schedule and you only need call to book an appointment.  We do our best to schedule most of your appointments at times that are convenient for the patient and our policy for emergencies is that they are seen the day they called into the practice. We also book appointments via email or text depending on patient preference.

5) What continuing education have you done, and are you using the best technologies for my treatment?

Dr. Scherer is deeply committed to bettering herself personally and professionally.  She logs extensive continuing education hours for both her and her staff to ensure patients that they are receiving the very best and most up to date modalities of treatment.


Ready to make the switch to our Dental Office?

We're thrilled you have chosen us to be your dental provider. We've been serving the Thornhill Village Community for many years and look forward to welcoming you to our office.

Please take a moment to download and fill in these medical information sheets.  Don't worry, if you don't have access to Adobe PDF reader, you can always arrive a few minutes early and fill them in at your appointment.



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