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A Whiter, Brighter Smile with Tooth Whitening:  Are you a candidate?

Tooth whitening helps those who may be self conscious about smiling.  Having confidence to smile proudly will change how you communicate in social and professional environments. Whether it's a first date or an important business meeting, first impressions are significant and have lasting affects.  Feedback has been remarkable from those who received this procedure and is another reason we offer it here at Thornhill Village Dental.  So how do you get teeth to look white and bright?


Oral hygiene is the first step in the pursuit of healthy, white teeth.  Tooth enamel health is critical for teeth and their ability to resist stains.   Following through with regularly scheduled hygiene appointments and eating a well balanced diet will literally reflect in the colour of your teeth!

Tooth Whitening

Sometimes, even when we do everything right, our pearly whites need a helping hand. Teeth whitening is an effective solution to minimize stains caused by tobacco, coffee, red wine and many other products we consume.  Results vary from person to person because no two people are exactly the same.  Dr. Karen Scherer will assess your candidacy for this treatment and present to you all the options.


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